A festival like Diwali is incomplete without the traditional ethnic apparel. So, in order to make your Diwali look complete, let’s talk about the top 3 most preferred traditional ethnic fabrics of India.
1. Silk
Silk is the fabric that is closest to the heart of every Indian woman. It is usually worn at formal gatherings and parties. India is one of the largest producers of Silk all around the world. There are many types of Silk available in India. Some of them are:
• Tasar Silk
• Dhaka Silk
• Banarasi Silk
• Khadi Silk
• Kela Silk
2. Cotton
This fabric is used to design ethnic wear of all sorts like formal, casual or daily wear. It is an affordable material and easily accessible fabric in India. There are various types of prints done on this fabric. There are many experiments done in the fashion industry with this particular fabric.
3. Chiffon or Georgette
These fabrics do not have an Indian origin; in fact they were introduced only a few decades ago. But even then these fabrics have made their way in the Ethnic Fashion world. They are frequently used in the modern Indian ethnic clothes for their smooth and distinctive feel.
The Indian ethnic style is expanding and has taken almost the entire world under its influence.

You know bags are the most important accessory that decides the completeness of your look. You know what can make your look complete in a bold manner, Ethnic Bags!

They have a massive impact on your overall personality. They help you to be absolutely magnificent and offer a lot many colors that just make you their fan. There are many types of ethnic bags from small and handy clutches to large and strappy bags.

What is it that suits you?

You know what is the answer to that question…the answer is everything! Yes! All the type of bags will suit you. That is the uniqueness of our ethnic collection. You will never regret any of your choice, although, you might regret not owning them all.

Another thing is that we present you styles that are so authentic and mesmerizing that you start believing that you belong to it.

The Indian embroidery and artwork have been one of the most liked works in the fashion industry.
Indian ethnic designs and patterns have been the key influencers in deciding the style statement of women.

Idea of Ethnic Bags

It is not something new; in fact, these can be traced way back during the Mughal era. Even in that time, the women used to carry bags along with them.

The difference was that in those times, the bags were too jeweled with pearls etc and not to forget, the heavy embroidery which was the very essence of clothing and accessories of Mughals.

Then again in around 1960s the fashion of bags kicked in, mostly influenced by the foreigners who brought the fashion of purse (hanging on one shoulder).


Their unique style is their essence. The use of so many colors makes it good to go with almost all of your apparels.  These types of bags are:

  • Affordable
  • Appealing
  • Stylish
  • Sober
  • Simple
  • Manish Malhotra
    One of the most notable names of the Indian fashion industry, Manish started out as a model and later became a costume designer in 1990. Born in London and raised in Mumbai, Manish Malhotra has styled over a 1000 movies and is known for providing Indian fashion an international stage.
  • Ritu Kumar
    An awardee of a number prestigious awards including France’s Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres and India’s Padmi Shri Award for her contributions to fashion, textiles and craftsmanship, Ritu Kumar’s label started out from a small studio outside Kolkata. Today it has around 30 stores located across the country.
  • Masaba Gupta
    Masaba Gupta launched her own label Masaba in 2009, debuting as part of Lakme Fashion Week’s Gen Next show for upcoming designers. Gupta has won awards including the 2012 L’Oreal Paris Femina Award for Best Emerging Designer and PETA India’s Most Talented Designer of 2013.
  • Bhibhu Mohapatra
    Bhibhu was born in Rourkela and later moved to USA in New York where he studied at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology. He worked for Haston and J.Mendel before launching his own brand in 2008. Most recently, his design has been worn by First Lady Michelle Obama.
  • Tarun Tahiliani
    He was the first Indian fashion designer to showcase his works at Milan Fashion Week. He established India’s first multi designer boutique in 1987 and founded his own studio in 1990. His signature style borrows elements from Italian pattern cutting with Indian craftsmanship mixed with modern techniques.

You know there are many reasons to switch to ethnic once in a while. But when you will realize what good ethnic can actually do to you, you will definitely start wearing it more often.

Here are a few reasons as to why should you go for ethnic wear.

1. Ethnic just for ‘occasions’ is a myth.

Many of us think that ethnic wear is just for occasions like wedding parties, receptions etc. But the fact is that it is not limited to just these!

Ethnic is a style that can be worn anywhere, anytime as it reflects your class.

2. Spice up your routine.

You know when you wear the same type of clothes over and over again, please stop doing that. Adding ethnic to your wardrobe will change your routine and most importantly, you will feel good about it! This will be because you had the courage to switch from your regular and boring style and explored something new and interesting.

3. It’s more comfortable.

Yes girls, you know what I am talking about. We all feel so much more comfortable in Salwar Suit rather than those tight pair of jeans or that fitted shirt which makes you secretly check your neckline all the time!
Well, all that can come to an end if you dress ethnic style!

4. It has variety.

Please don’t think that ethnic is just limited to merely Salwar Suit, Sarees and Lehenga. NO!
You see the above three are very broad categories of ethnic wear. Under each category, there is a whole list of styles.
So go out and explore the world of ethnic wear, for yourself!

5. Makes you look stylish.

Believe it or not but the days of being called a ‘behenji’ for wearing traditional are gone! You have to select the type of ethnic clothes you want to wear and then boldly walk in it.
Traditional clothing is a blend of style and uniqueness, and I don’t see a reason to miss either of the two.

6. It’s getting better and bigger.

Nowadays, people are actually voting for ethnic. The fashion world is busy making the Indian ethnic style an important part of the industry. Creative styles are flooding the ideas for ethnic wear. Traditional apparel is totally in!

7. Traditional feels like home.

Why go for traditional way of clothing? There can be many reasons but the main reason is that western clothes, no matter how good they are, don’t give you what traditional can. That thing is ‘a sense of belongingness’. This is the essence of traditional clothing. This cannot be replaced!